The title of this blog is a play on words from the classic Pink Floyd song “Shine on you Crazy Diamond.”  I’ve always loved this phrase as I believe it means, no matter how different, strange or odd the world may find you, never hide your true character because you are as beautiful and rare as a diamond.

Irish dancer are unique and we shine to the world with our dancing.

Irish dancers have a special talent to create diamonds while dancing. We bounce around with pointed toes and over-crossed legs which, even for just a fleeting moment, a diamond is formed.

As we walk into a high school gym where a feis is taking place or watch Irish dancers perform during a summer Celtic festival, little glimpses of diamonds can be seen shinning everywhere.

That’s what Irish dancers do, we shine.


I’ve created this blog to keep myself motivated to become the best dancer I can be and to connect to other Irish-loving people. Comment, share or use anything you find on my blog. Please feel free to email me about anything – a post I’ve made, something you found about Irish dance that you want to share or just if you want to chat!


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