Monday, January 13, 2014

I am an adult Irish dancer

It's true.

Often I feel like an oddball, being 26 and a novice, but I've always heard to do what you love and that's exactly what I am doing.

I'm jumping back into the Irish dancing world after a couple years on break while I was at college. I still danced, in my apartment kitchen mostly and on St. Patrick's Day with friends, but that's about it.

I missed it.


Besides being done with school and getting a full-time job, Irish dancing again was the thing I looked forward to the most after graduation.

I've been practicing like crazy (I lost so much of my technique!) and I've overloading my mind with all sorts of Irish-dance motivation. Pinterest has been wonderful!

One day I found a beautifully worded, beautifully created meme that describes my situation perfectly:

It's one of the highlights of my week to go to class after a day at work and hang out with junior high and high schoolers. We giggle. We talk about boys. We talk about their college plans. 

And we dance.

It is a delight.

I know I'll never "win it big," but I'm not dancing for that. 

I'm dancing because I can't imagine life not Irish dance.

Why do you dance?

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